Saskatchewan Committee

Hello welcome to M.I.C.I.S. the Myth Is Canada Information System

Our goal is to empower the people of Saskatchewan to gain “Freedom” from the tyranny of the de facto government. We must protect our unalienable and sovereign rights by creating a de jure government.

Are you ready to participate in writing the “Law of the Land” for Saskatchewan? We invite all those who wish to participate, to learn and grow with us.

It is not only our right, but it is our duty to make the changes needed to create a free and sovereign country.

The Myth is Canada has provided us with the historical documents to explain our political conundrum. Therefore, this site was created to provide us with the tools to do the work that should have been started Dec 12,1931.

We have created a shared editable document as a start spot for the constitution. Contact us for a link to the document.

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