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Saskatchewan Committees

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to The Myth Is Canada website for Saskatchewan. 

We are looking for leaders in all the communities of Saskatchewan to set up and start forming regular meetings to educate people about the constitutional conventions process.

We have had the right to seat a Lawful Constitutional Government since 1931.  Thanks to the research done at The Myth Is Canada, we can find our way out of the tyrannical regime that has hijacked the wealth of our beautiful people. If you have not already done so, check out The Myth Is Canada

This government has redefined Nation to mean: the employees and families  Canada Inc (1982) and there cohorts: the privy council, the Law Society,  and  the Bank of Canada.   Their “Nation” does not include we the people, (other than to supply the wealth) which we so generously give these rogues.

The Myth Is Canada Presents :  Getting Started  an 8 module series on how to lawfully seat a Constitutional Government.

The Purpose of this 8 Module Series

  1. Inform people about the depth of deceit and corruption that our government is founded upon and continues to practice 
  2. Teach people the process by which we can by-step this corrupted system that now rules us.
  3. Take action to set the process in motion
  4.  Goal:  is to lawfully seat a constitutional government 

We invite you to the Zoom presentations: zoombrenda20@yahoo.com

Please visit us on Facebook:

 Saskatchewan Page                             https://www.facebook.com/SoSask2019/

So Saskatchewan Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/845480462502498/

I’m Brenda,  you can contact me: brenda@saskatchewan.themythiscanada.ca