From the Saskatchewan Government website

From the Saskatchewan Government website:

“The province administers more than 37 million hectares of Crown resource land, primarily in central and northern Saskatchewan, with some smaller holdings in the south. We manage Crown resource lands for the benefit of all people of Saskatchewan.”

So everyone, let’s break this down, the Saskatchewan “Government” created by an unlawful act in 1905, entered the “Dominion of Canada.”

The Dominion of Canada ended via the Statute of Westminster in 1931, the Dominion at that time screamed “nothing changed”, except everything actually did. Britain no longer sent a Governor General to Canada, so in 1947 McKenzie King and Olivier forged documents to allow the Prime Minister to appoint a Governor General .

The now illegal and unlawful “Government of Canada” working with the English Crown decided to deceive us further, in 1952, by creating the “Royal Styles and Titles act” and creating the fictitious “Queen of Canada”, the Government of Canada endowed her without “eminent domain”, land they had NO claim upon, and created “Crown Land Resources”.

Our resources are in their hands illegally and unlawfully, Do YOU want to learn how to take it back legally and lawfully?

We invite you come to our Constitutional Committee Meetings and learn how.

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  1. Greeting to all.

    I have been following the information and reading up on the available documents at the Myth is Canada site.

    And just recently received the thumb drive presentation and other documents too.

    I’m presently located out near Prince George, British Columbia.

    At the moment I’m probably one of two individuals that are activity seeking change but would let to gather more.

    I’m thinking we all need to network in our respective area’s to become effective and organized.

    I thought if the management team of the Myth knows of others in this area those with like minded visions would it be possible for them to be alerted so that contact info could be exchanged. I think this would we can form a base of support moving forward as their are allegedly 10 provinces scattered across this large land mass and connecting with others is a important factor.

    lastly after reading your historical account regarding the unlawful act of the Government of Saskatchewan in 1905 by entering the “Dominion of Canada

    Is it also possible that British Columbia committed the same unlawful act too?

    Was that made possible by the defunct BNA Act either renamed or bought forward as if it was a valid document?

    I would like to learn more to become knowledgeable so I can truly comprehend the situation we all are facing by doing so I’m certain I could become a leader for change out here in the most western Province known as British Columbia.

    On another note.
    The Dominion of Canada ended in 1931 how can we have a status of ” Canadian Citizen”? is that a fictional idea?

    We are really just man, women and children living on the land mass referred to as Canada or a Province?

    If Canada does not exist then the Provinces of Canada such as British Columbia, Canada doesn’t exist either?

    They are all corporations not sovereign? with no lawful land under their feet.

    In my opinion the physical land they claim has be stolen for we the people

    If you have time to reply I’d appreciate it but if not could you direct me to a source where I could get a few question answered?

    Thanks so much
    Season greeting


    1. Hi Tom, I hope this answers your questions
      British Columbia entered the Dominion of Canada in two parts:

      The first territories added to the Union were Rupert’s Land and the North-Western Territory (subsequently designated the Northwest Territories), which were admitted pursuant to section 146 of the Constitution Act, 1867 and the Rupert’s Land Act, 1868, 31-32 Vict., c. 105 (U.K.), by the Rupert’s Land and North-Western Territory Order of June 23, 1870, effective July 15, 1870. Prior to the admission of those territories, the Parliament of Canada enacted An Act for the temporary Government of Rupert’s Land and the North-Western Territory when united with Canada (32-33 Vict., c. 3), and the Manitoba Act, 1870 (33 Vict., c. 3), which provided for the formation of the Province of Manitoba.
      British Columbia was admitted into the Union pursuant to section 146 of the Consti- tution Act, 1867, by the British Columbia Terms of Union, being Order in Council of May 16, 1871, effective July 20, 1871.

      The Canadian Citizen is a legal fiction.

      In short… you are correct on all accounts.
      and Quote “For more than a century, Canada’s federal and provincial governments
      have assumed ownership of unceded lands without any clear legal basis for doing so. In effect, Aboriginal litigants argue, they’ve just taken it. Perhaps because no living Canadian has ever known it to be any other way, this state of affairs appears (at least to most non-Aboriginal people) to be both natural and entirely legal. What the Supreme Court said last year was, no, it isn’t. It is illegal, and it always has been.” 2014 SCC 44 (CanLII)[2014] 2 S.C.R. 256

      1. Hi Brenda

        Thanks for your reply.

        I have read through the British North America Act 1867.

        I wasn’t aware there was a document called Constitution Act, 1867 created in that year too?

        The Constitution Act for British Columbia states that their Constitution Act is subject to the Constitution Act 1867 which I wasn’t aware even existed in 1867?

        I have also looked at the alleged revived editions of the cut & paste BNA Acts after 1901 created by mandarins. ( Politicians )

        I am wondering how any of these provinces can legally/ lawfully exist even on paper if the document that formed them providing for their creation is non-existent with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901?

        The fact remains that the BNA Act 1867 was created in the UK Parliament as letter patent to install a (dictatorship) Governor General to create the Dominion of Canada?

        And as Doug may have stated the BNA Act 1867 is the property of the Untied Kingdom so how does it have any force or effect now in 2019?.

        I’m thinking that the 10 provinces are technically non-existence in their original form because the document that created them being the BNA Act 1867 ? can’t be re-enacted because Queen Victoria in the Statutes Revision Act 1893 removed the enacting clause from the BNA Act 1867 along with the section regarding her heir & successors.

        So when she died the document died too and potentially all that it created too.?

        I’m thinking that a corporation or province that no longer has its articles of incorporation or the document that created in the first place can’t exist in form.

        That being said the attempts by the mandarins ( Politicians ) to revive the dead BNA Act 1867 by renaming it or adding a new cover page after 1901 was like trying to put humpty dumpty back up on the wall was a very clever but underhanded deception.

  2. Thank You Tom. Happy New Year to you as well! Let 2020 be the year of clear vision for the people of the land mass commonly known as Canada!!

    1. Greeting to all

      I was re-listening to interview by Doug were he states the that the British North American Act of 1867 was never given to Canada and,

      1) It was not a Constitution.
      2) It was not created by the UK Parliament.
      3) It was created by an order in council for the corporation sole known as the Dominion of Canada?

      That in 1893 through the Statutes Revision Act the enacting clause of the BNA Act 1867 was removed along with section 2 that stated there was a monarchy in perpetuity.

      When Queen Victoria died 1901 the BNA Act could no longer be enacted if I’m correct on this point?

      In 1931 with the Statute of Westminster the BNA Act was dead document.
      It has no more no force and it was the property of the UK government?

      Now getting to my Question…

      How is it possible for the Supreme Court of Canada to quote that the Crown owe a duty to the natives under section 35 of the Constitution Act or 1982?

      Isn’t this Constitution a fabrication having no lawful basis?

      The Supreme Court case that quotes the Constitution Act of 1982
      2014 SCC 44 (CanLII)[2014] 2 S.C.R. 256

      Here in British Columbia the Provincial Government references the Constitution Act of 1867.

      Isn’t this another fabrication too.?

      The Constitution Act, 1867, 30 & 31 Vict, c 3—31-vict-c-3/latest/30—31-vict-c-3.html

      Id like to get a better understanding of this issue as I don’t believe there was ever a Constitution Act of 1867 actually created at that time by either the British Parliament or any Governor General of or for the Dominion of Canada

      If you have a response I would appreciate a reply.

      But if not could you forward my questions to the others for clarification
      and provide my email address to them too?

      Thanks so much

  3. Hi Tom, I Hope this answers you’re question
    Schedule 5 of the Constitution Act 1867 has the oath being sworn to Queen Victoria. That being said, this Act died in 1902 with Queen Victoria. Any legislation by the Government of Canada is based on assumed authority, with no legal standing. The same applies to the Supreme Court of Canada. That being said, our only defence is a de jure government, by way of constitutional conventions.

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