Myth Is Canada Information System

Hello and welcome to M.I.C.I.S.
the Myth Is Canada Information System.

Empower Yourself and Others
Pick a date .. verify that date and time with the guest speaker (if you are bringing one in)

Find a venue …. allow at least one hour for setup before the meeting, and half hour for dismantling and packing up. so if your meeting is 7-9…some meetings run longer than anticipated you need to book the venue 6-10 This could mean a school, a church, a restaurant for example, it could even be at your kitchen table

Prep your material: By now you likely would have attended an event already and are ready to host your own, you should have contacted the rep and be in possession of the curriculum to teach, remember you teaching people will create other teachers

Confirm a date and advertise: These days advertising for free is challenging, but can be done, for example, go onto Facebook, Discord, Skype and whatever platform you can think of to let the people know. You can do it at your grocery store, print and hand out flyers, cars, anything to get people’s attention. A good icebreaker for this conversation is “are you happy with your government?” Be creative, and remember to educate, not aggravate.

Teach: We all learn at different levels, and that’s ok, these are your friends and neighbours who want answers. Present the information as you understand it. Know the message you want to send, then use whatever platform that you are comfortable using.. power point, youtube videos, skype, tutorial videos..

Promote the 6 tutorial dvd set … There is lot of information and so many people may need to watch it several times.

Collect donations: Of course there are costs involved, These donations stay in your area. to keep you going. If you would like to contribute to other areas. that is entirely up to you. If you would like to help with travel costs for the speaker. I am sure they would appreciate that.

Give thanks: We have severed away from being polite and thankful for the simple things, some of us still use our manners, some of us don’t and that’s ok, but we must try to use them as much as possible, especially if we have a donated room etc. If at any time there are more questions, contact any one of us for help, we are more than happy to help

Use your strengths.. multi media? Writing? photography? Teaching? Chatting one on one.. or speaking to groups. Not everyone can attend a meeting, share the information and tell them about the shared document and how to obtain a link.

If that’s okay with your audience..include them in the livestream… if not.. just video the speaker

Educate first… then brainstorm… we have so many people that want to help… utilize their strengths. Plan for the next meeting… what needs to be done… ask them what they would like you to do next… that gives you something to plan for your next meeting…

Empower others… put ideas out and let them come back with their ideas

End Of Event: Congratulations! You have just completed your 1st educational event. And each one in the future will become easier. Using M.I.C.I.S. as a tool for educating, will help you in presenting and to explain how we got here, and most of the history we have been taught is a lie. Advertise your next event at the one you are hosting, and they can tell a friend etc..

At your event you will need the following tools:

  • Doug Force/Critikill Thinker Interviews 1 and 2
  • A Computer/Laptop
  • Cords
  • Bigger Room Will Need Audio Amplification, PA
  • Microphones
  • 48” or larger Flat Screen with HDMI Ports, or projector
  • Myth Is Canada Banner
  • Book For People To Enter Email And Phone Number/Name
  • Remember social media is shutting down the truth, a hardcopy is recommended to keep track.
  • Donation Box
  • Handouts.. or food for thought.. with your contact information on it
  • Tutorial Videos for sale

Remember to keep your tools, cord and equipment organized and in good repair. Doug gave me the idea to put each chord in a plastic bag.. I labeled mine, so I wouldn’t leave a cord or adapter. I carry an Extension cord, a power bar, HDMI, HDMI Converter for the iPad, charger cords for both phone and iPad. Go Pro camera and tripod, Tripod for my iPad, Myth is Canada Flag and stand

The Constitutional Convention Process:

Step 1: educate the how we got here

Step 2: Educate what goes into a constitution… what it is. I started a shared document that people could start putting ideas down.. to organize the law of their land. What are the jurisdictions of law…what will our new laws be? How will we enforce them? What type of governance they want… how much authority they want to give their government. What type of monetary system, their ideas for Land Titles, Resource sharing, business developments, environmental issues, health care, social issues, education, budget, accounting practices..

Step 3: Start the process by taking one( or whatever number time allows) issue of the day… and create a statement in the constitution that would solve the issue. That teaches them the process of designing the clauses. Do this with each point in the shared document… add more points to the shared documents.. if those points are not covered… that helps other communities as well.

Step 4: Vote or choose someone who will represent your community at the next level of the conventions process.

Step 5: Combining the community clauses.. and forming the first draft of the constitution.. to be taken back to have people vote on it…. this is the ratification process.

Step 6: Prepare and plan for an interim government … make plans for the transition from old system to new system.

Step 7: Implement the de jure government

Here’s to our FREEDOM … Remember to advertise your next event(s) at the one you are hosting

Always remember to educate to liberate…. See You Soon!

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