Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Let 2020 be the year of clear vision for the people of Saskatchewan!

The work has just started on the largest undertaking in the history of Saskatchewan. Never would I have dreamed that I would be taking on such a huge responsibility to so many people!

My original purpose was that of a messenger, to inform you about the deception and coercion of the Federal Government of Canada and its Provincial counterpart over the people of Saskatchewan. I remain true to that purpose, however, I have now augmented that simple message with a solution.

The solution to bring accountability back into our governance and our corporations… is to limit their power and our authority over us. How do you do that you ask?
Constitutional Committee Meetings, and then the Constitutional Convention itself.

How will that solve the problem? Think about that for a moment…. when you keep losing at a game… you change the game.. or make up new rules that will be fairer to all. That’s exactly what we propose to do with the committee meetings… write the rules to limit the power of government and corporations. A de jure government of the people, by the people for the people, is designed by we the people.

We have the opportunity today, to do what should have been done in 1931. (had we been told that we had the authority to do so). The powers that be, still don’t want you to know that you have that right. They keep that secret hidden in plain sight.

Doug Force at The Myth is Canada put it all together with the documentation and a set of tutorial videos to help you understand the deception. We are also educating people about what needs to go into a constitution, the jurisdictions of law, what are your unalienable rights, what is corporate personhood, and much more to empower us to freedom!

So Saskatchewan has started the conventions process. We have a shared document that is editable by anyone with a link. This document is a start spot to help with the brainstorming and fine tuning the conventions process. As we continue hosting Roundtable discussions.. our understanding broadens, and so does the document. We truly will arrive at the convention table with enlightened minds.

The constitutional conventions and de jure government proposal is neither quick nor easy… but if you value your family, and your freedom.. and want to be proactive… we are here to help you.

Brenda Stettner







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