Stand up for Our Rights

There are many confusions in Canada right now! All of them are caused by a corrupt illegitimate regime known as the Government of Canada. The ruse has got to stop!

Corporations and government are a design of man. These institutions of man have clearly taken on a “ life of their own”, ruling man rather than man ruling the institution.

This system that has been imposed upon all Canadians is not working for anybody. It has become very clear that the Energy Board does not have our best interest in mind. It wants to establish its monopoly on energy, imposing pricing and taxing the taxes, making it truly unaffordable to live in Canada.

Our Saskatchewan Government is imposing the rules of the Federal authority, while pretending to have our backs. If the Saskatchewan Government really had our best interests in mind, it would immediately own the “ruse” and start the constitutional conventions process.

It is up to the people of each province to stand together against the illegal regime that has no clear reason to impose its Maritime Shipping codes on the people of our land.

We must demand our rights be restored as men and women. We can do this peacefully by way of constitutional conventions.

Suggested Reading: Unequal Protection by Thom Hartmann
21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act by Bob Joseph

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