Constitutional Conventions: “Getting Started” 8 Module Series

Announcing Zoom Meetings Monday’s 7:00 pm CST

First Meeting May 11,2020

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If “we” don’t stand up for our rights…who will?   Then “we” deserve to lose them to whoever wants to lord over us.

The Purpose of this 8 Module Series:

1) inform people about the depth of deceit and corruption that our government is founded upon

2) teach people the process by which we can side-step this corrupted system that now rules us. 

3) take action to set the process in motion

4)  the end goal is to lawfully seat a constitutional government

These modules were created to help us work and learn together.  We cannot leave it up to the politicians, upper law society, multinational conglomerate corporations, world organizations like the United Nations, the World Health organization and the world banks!  They are the problem…. We are the solution! Not “we” as in the Myth is Canada, but “we”… as in a nation of people who value their freedom. 

Will this process work?  There are no guarantees. But if we want to leave it up to the politicians to fix it….  If they haven’t done it in the past 150 years… they are not about to do it now.

Are you tired of the propaganda and outright lies, telling us they are for the “higher” good?  Are you willing to sacrifice your freedom of speech, your freedom to think critically, freedom to openly challenge the “group” consensus?  My first question is always: Which group of people wants that? I pursued the answer only to find out it is a non-existent group… which the media used in an op ed to influence the public on behalf of the government or huge conglomerate corporations and industries like Big Pharma… using the World health organization to sell their next vaccine, or miracle cure, or brand of politics.  If you really believe the propaganda…. they will sell you anything!

What can be done?  There are a million answers in Saskatchewan, 4 million in Alberta, and 37 million across this country. That’s right:  “WE are the answer”….

We just need to get started!!

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