What is a Constitution?

The constitution of a country is a set of rules regulating the powers of its government and to protect the rights and duties of its people. … Under a written constitution, the highest source of power is the supreme Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court. The constitution is supreme law of the land and the courts are be bound by this as no one is above the law.

We already have a constitution, why do we need another one?

We have a Statute, written by the politicians, that has not been ratified by we the people. In this Statute, it gives all authority to the governing powers, with no personal accountability for their decisions and actions.

I don’t know anything about writing a constitution, why should I get involved?

Governments and Corporations are institutions of men. It has become very clear these institutions have taken on a life of their own, now ruling men and women. We have the right to establish our individual rights to limit the effects of these institutions on our daily lives.

Empower yourself to freedom… for 150 years we have let the politicians and other authorities dictate what is law, how much to tax us, where and if we can establish a business, create rules without our consent.. and no way for us to hold anyone accountable other than to elect the next person to play the same tyrannical role. How is that working for you so far?

What are constitutional committee meetings?

They are meetings set up to:
a) learn what we can do (lawfully and peacefully) to fix the political situation of our country, since the Statute of Westminster (1931) ended the Dominion of Canada.
b) to establish the conventions process.

Most people do not understand the historical facts.. so thanks to Doug Force at The Myth is Canada we are now able to piece together the events that have been used to create the illusion that Canada is a Country. We teach the historical events first, then we share the solution: Constitutional Conventions.

The Committee meetings are necessary to get people involved in the process. No one person or small group can write a constitution of the people by the people without THE PEOPLE! So the committee meetings are designed to engage with people, and have them become involved.

At these meetings we discuss:
Setting up the framework as the most important step.
Without people sharing their ideas and learning as we go, the process is dead before it starts… it might as well be another political party trying to sell you their platform.
The Framework is establishing the type of governance we want, and then to create the rules for that governance. To establish Law of the Land, Penalties for exceeding the law, or not meeting the requirements.
We will be discussing the constitutions of other countries, to look at what is working, what went wrong, and what can we do so that our people don’t wind up in the same place 150 years from now.

Who can hold a constitutional meeting?

Anyone who understands the history behind our political conundrum, and also the process of constitutional conventions can hold a constitutional meeting. If you would like assistance to form a meeting, or wish to play a more active role in the process please contact a team member in your province.

There are many groups out there trying to get my support, and sharing information. Who should I believe?

There are many confusions in Canada right now and all of them are caused by a corrupt political system or suggested remedies to individual situations stemming from the corruption.
Only you can make that choice for you.
We at the Myth is Canada are giving you concrete facts with documentation. We will come out to your area and share this information, what you and your neighbours decide to do with that data.. is totally up to you.
We can and will help you with the steps of the process and offer educational videos, roundtable discussions, a constitution draft start spot and answer questions at the meetings

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